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Оригинал (Uzbekistan)

Psych-Garage from Uzbekistan



суббота, 14 мая 2016 г.

ВИА Айгуль (Kazakhstan)

Электрон (USSR, 1965)

Surf band from the USSR. Transcribes as "Elektron"

Download (all tracks 1965-1970, compilated in 2004)



Поющие Гитары (USSR, 1969)

Pojuschie Gitary (The Singing Guitars) was a Soviet-Russian surf rock band. They were rock band to reach a phenomenal rate of success and popularity in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and in other countries. For that reason, they are often nicknamed "the Soviet Beatles".



понедельник, 15 декабря 2014 г.

Firyuza (Turkmenistan, USSR)

I once joked that if it was from Turkmenistan, it had to be good. Of course I was talking about the Gunesh Ensemble, and didn’t realize there was a second group from the same place and time. Three long tracks adorn this one of a kind album. Seven piece group with guitar, sax, flute, keys, violin, bass, drums and percussion. While not as hot or as entirely unique as the almighty Gunesh, this is still a fascinating fusion, one that relects the unique culture of the Turkmens. I’m constantly amazed at some of the subversive sounds coming from the old Soviet Union. I’m surprised Boheme Music of Russian didn’t reissue this with all the other great ex-Soviet albums formerly on Melodia. Cool cover featuring the band, with instruments in hand, proudly wearing their traditional telpeks (tall fur hats).

Gunesh (Turkmenistan, USSR)

At first the ensemble was a part of State TV and Radio Company of the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic as a vocal group with supporting instruments. Later the composition of the group began to change as young people joined it. The group began to play jazz-rock tightly intertwined with the Oriental tradition. Gunesh' has always been in the process of reforming and was one of the first and best to organically combine the similar principles of the melodious improvisation on traditional mugams and jazz improvisation. The unexpectedly beautiful arrangements appeared,and polirhythmic compositions with odd measure were
further developed thematically.

For their second LP, Looking at the Earth, Gunesh stepped it up a notch on the creative scale. We still have 2 barn burner horn rockers but Gunesh also added some trippy Caucasus mountain music, Muslim prayer calls, psychedelia, hot fusion, Vietnamese traditional music, etc.. to make for one of the finest albums I've ever heard. Rishad Shafi is possibly the finest drummer to be found in the prog rock archives (Peter Gabriel considered him once but working it out with the Soviet authorities proved to be too much). 


Dos-Mukasan (Kazakhstan, USSR)

Band was created in 1967 by students of Polytechnical Institute of Almaty, being in Bayanaul during their practice.
Title is made of their names: Dos (Dosym Suleev), Mu (Murat Kusainov), Ka (Kamit, left group), San (Sanya- Aleksandr Litvinov). Main purpose was to transfer traditional style to new modern sound. (as they say - to unite beat, swing and jazz with melody of steppe) . In 1976 band became laureat of Youth and Students of USSR festival in Minsk, and of 10th international Berlin festival. Band opened own producer center in mid-80th. Now band just appeares for few special retro-concerts. Band was called best band of century, Toy Zhyry - best song of century, and unofficial title is Kazakhstani Beatles. (or as we say Beatles is english Dos-Mukasan)

All members of band are very famous people of Kazakhstan, Dosym Suleev - professor, director of Kazakh national techical university; Murat Kusainov - honoured artist, director of music center Auen, composer Aleksandr Litvinov- chief mine-surveyor of Kazakhstan Sharip Omarov - member of Parliament, president of parliamentary comittee, Doctor of Political Sciences, president of football club Meirbek Moldabekov - president of state airspace agency Nurtas Zhumadilov - president of "Banur" agency, Bakytzhan Zhumadilov - director of "Nomad" joint turist company.