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the Cavestompers! (Moscow, Russia)

The Cavestompers! - russian band confessing savage garage-punk, from mid-sixties and primitive beat sound, filled with psychedelic guitar and organ passages that has been around since 2006. The sound experiments of the band gradually led to birth of their own specific sound based on heavy usage of east-bloc and soviet equipment & instruments, which can be described as a slightly delayed answer to sixties garage music coming from an Iron Curtain. The Cavestompers! are well known not only in Russia where they play frequently and did 4 big local tours, but abroad as well. Their debut LP “Introducing…” was released on vinyl by one of most profilic European labels “Groovie Records” based in Portugal and this year the band is releasing a 10 inch EP on famous US Get Hip label, plus a seven inch split with The Organs from New-York on local label Chickpea records.

The bands music was featured on 40 some radio stations and shows all across the world. The debut album was chosen release of the month on french Stoned Circus radio in march 2009 and release of the year on Whole Lotta Shakin radio-show in Rochester, NY. “Introducing” was also put on the list of best releases of 2009 by Rock Around The Blog web-zine from Portugal. Good reviews came from Cavestomp festival, Electric Prunes, Gonn!, Lenny Helsing, Robert Gordon, legendary PUNK! magazine, Shindig magazine UK, Fuzzoverdoze Greece, Kick out the jams Spain, Rumore magazine Itay, Tip Berlin, Rolling Stone Russia, Time Out Russia, Virus magazine Germany, Lost In Tyme fanzine Greece, Bananas magazine NY, USA.

In 2009 the band did a major European tour (Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria). During the tour and at home The Cavestompers! supported and shared stages with acts like Wild Billy Childish and The Musicians of British Empire at Primitive Festival(Rotterdam,NL), The Cynics, The Fleshtones, The Urges, The Masonics, Los Peyotes, The Staggers, The Satelliters, Way y Los Arrrghs, The Cheaters, The Defectors, Ictus and recently were the backing band for Peter Zaremba of The Fleshtones during his gig in Moscow.

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