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History of garage rock in the USSR (Karliki Records)

Today we present you a collection of garage rock songs that were recorded in the USSR from 1970 to 1990. Some names are well known, such as the name of legendary Mike Naumenko. And the others ("Sekretniy ujin" or " Burlaki») known only to specialists, without whom this collection would not be possible.
All these songs were selected by us from a huge collection of one of the most prominent "garage " researchers in Russia - Pavel «Real Art» Baleevskiy. We humbly hope that this electronic release will take its place in the collection of garage rock lovers who were recognized in the 60th and 70th of the latest century all continents from America to Africa .

Here is a list of songs that are included in the collection:

Kochevniki - «Babushka» (1970)
Kochevniki - «Za morjami, za lesami» (1970)
Kochevniki - «Tvoj vzgljad» (1970)
Zhar-Ptica - «Rock-n-Roll» (1981)
Briolinovaja Mechta - «Bakenbardy» (1989)
Majk Naumenko i Burlaki - «Sweet Little RocknRoll» (1990)
Anton Mjatezhnyj i Burlaki - «Tekila» (1990)
Anton Mjatezhnyj i Burlaki - «Ona mozhet dvigat' soboj» (1990)
Dilizhans - «U begemota netu talii» (1983)
Dilizhans - «Kubik Rubika» (1983)
Opasnye sosedi - «S utra v begah» (1988)
Sekretnyj Uzhin - «Vesjolaja pesenka pro pokojnika» (1990)
Sekretnyj Uzhin - «Mumu ne podchinjaetsja nikomu» (1990)
Briolinovaja mechta - «Nochnye okna» (1990)
Briolinovaja mechta - «Daljoko za morem» (1990)
Briolinovaja mechta - «Ja idu, shagaju po Moskve» (1990 goda)
Kabinet - «Pol trjasetsja v lihoradke» (1985)
Protivoves - «Sofa» (1986)
Protivoves - «Idel'naja zhenshhina» (1986)
Standart - «Lets Twist Again» (1984)

Restoration of records and mastering the disc - Alexei Mikryukov, designer - Nicholay Abramenko . The release has been produced  by Internet-label “Karliki Records” for informational purposes and is not intended for commercial use.

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